The Life & Times of the Lovely Lisa E, Be She Cuddy or Not

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House season 7 DVD featurettes
love Lisa E

I finally gathered up my courage and sat down and started watching the H S7 DVD featurettes. I jot down my thoughts and include some twitter feedback. I only watched the 2 with Lisa Edelstein.

1) Huddy Dissected.

Besides the obvious issues I have w. what DS and KJ say and how it is contradicted by their own show, I was upset how seemingly fullheartedly Lisa Edelstein defended Bombshells (BS). It really didn't look to me as if she had any real issue with it. What came through for me was that in her own life too she doesn't typically have long-lasting relationships, so she felt this was inevitable, H & C breaking up. I found it galling how DS & KJ stress that they couldn't just break them up over H being a jerk/himself and then more or less proceeded to do exactly that. It does not compute. They have PJ very quickly and almost unintelligibly acknowledge that more fans wanted them together than apart, but that's it.

Everyone seems to talk about Huddy only up to BS even though a few scenes shown are from later—none from the final episode though. The question arises when this commentary's interviews were filmed: already before the filming of the finale? Before the gist of the finale, i.e., H crashing his car through C's house, was decided and/or known to the interviewees, at leads to the actors? That would explain a lot.

Twitter comments


  • My impression is that this was filmed way b4 the finale.

  • As I'm thinking, it looks like LE was wearing what she was wearing FOR the break-up scene. Might have done comm. right after.

  • Remember 1 thing about LE. She is the master at PR & selling TPTB crap even if she dislikes it. *Lucas, cough*


  • It was my understanding the Huddy dissected was filmed before the finale, actaully several episodes before it.

2) Bombshells commentary (GY & Lisa E)

GY is so full of himself—what else is knew? The way he obsessively claims Huddy for himself is sickening because we all know how he didn't just kill it but then took a huge truck and double back over it in Moving On (season finale). He excessively compliments Lisa who of course deserves praise but he almost invalidates his praise by being so obsequious and inappropriate: X compliments Y to such an extreme extent that Y has no choice but to loooove X back on tape. It felt self-serving. Also, GY insisting how he wanted to start out the ep with a sweet, happy scene the better to contrast it with the ending: great job, asshole. The patient of the week story had to be straightforward, simply shot and presented to balance the extravagance of the dream sequences: you didn't succeed, GY. The end result still felt like a college film grad showing off his big budget with showy production numbers and neglecting the heart of the story, forgetting to make it plausible.

OK, so GY & Lisa mention Amber Tamblyn's last episode so this proves this commentary was definitely shot after ep 7x19 (Last Temptation) was filmed: when was that? This is potentially important. Lisa mentions during the zombie dream sequence that she came to the set to film the break-up scene but it was postponed and shot a month later. So it was written and ready but shot much later than the rest of the ep: why? Just plain logistics due to all the mayhem of the dream sequences? Or because it was rewritten? I lean toward the former. A bit later, Lisa does explain that the break-up was "fine-tuned" by the writers over the Christmas break. GY says that this postponement was decided upon at the time with HL & LE's input. Maybe one or both of them expressed reservations? GY says it was to shoot the scene more in the post-BS mode of Huddy being over… Hmmm...

Very Lisa was her complaint about aureolas not passing the censors (ep 7x01) but chopping off heads (7x15 zombie dream) was not problem at all. Not that she wanted to walk around with her nipples bare in 7x01, she said, but the principle of it. I totally agree with her… and, Lisa, perhaps you complaineth a bit too much about your nipples? ;-)  One more thing about the zombie sequence: they wasted a whole day on that? What a waste! I've got to say that GY does give the people involved in the technical side of the dream sequences a lot of well-deserved kudos, which is nice of him.

The Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid dream was of course lots of fun for Lisa to film, that's easy enough to comprehend. House kissing Cuddy before she goes under the knife: a Judas kiss from GY & DS. The dance dream, again, fabulous for Lisa to do, totally get that. Still, we are at the hospital, right after Cuddy comes out of it, H & C are talking and GY & Lisa are still going on and on about the dancers etc. This was an important scene for the real story supposedly underlying all this brouhaha! They totally skipped it, no comment. This proves my point that the story had become secondary, that they lost track of making the sudden break-up understandable. Look, we're at the patient of the week, now C with her sister and only now finally does the comment switch to what we see.

The break-up scene, C at home crying, H copying season 6 finale but he takes the vicodin. Heart-wrenching. It still destroys me. Shockingly enough, GY is more in tune with what I felt and still feel than Lisa is. He says this was the heart of the ep, devastating vs. Lisa saying this was inevitable, he can't be there for her, she's happy with the scene. And she finishes with more oohing and aching about the dancers. You disappoint me, Lisa! Et tu, Lisa?

Twitter comments
  • To play devil's advocate, if TPTB insisted the inevitability and she had to accept it, she would need to feel good about how she performed it and the scene anatomy because the content was just something to resolve as a decision she couldn't fight


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